Overview Services

OBVSG is providing a rich variety of services and IT solutions for a modern library and information management:

  • Services of the network headquarters - for consortium systems
  • Application Service Providing (ASP) - for local systems
  • software development and systems integration - for consortium and local systems.

In detail, OBVSG is providing the following services:

  •  Consortium system
    • Z39.50
    • Personal literature administration
    • Users for consortium cataloguing
    • Training system
    • Delete central items
    • Barcode labels
    • Upload of tables
  • Local systems
    • Ebook service
    • Upgrade2AC
    • Alephino
  • Aleph-Sharing
    • Data management
    • Client
    • Primo for Aleph-Sharing
  • Checks consortium/local data
    • Local HOL analysis
    • Local ADM analysis
    • M2M converter
  • Primo search engine
    • Production statistics
    • Usage statistics
    • Database access
    • System replication
  • Visual Library
    • Retro digitisation
    • Publication server
  • Dissertations database
  • eDOC
    • eDOC package
    • eDOC light (software product)
    • Statistics
    • Delete objects
  • ZDB-Bestandsdatenlieferung (delivery of holdings data for central journals database)
  • Schnittstelle Aleph-SAP
  • Austria Information Institutions
    • New institutions
    • Change of data
  • ISIL-Registry
  • URN-Resolver

A number of services can be ordered online (like data corrections, make a reservation for the training system, order of barcode labels or user credentials etc.)

Please note, that you need to login to get to see most of the service details.