access via SRU

Access via SRU

The Austrian Library Network central catalogue may be accessed via search/retrieve via URL (SRU). SRU is a standardised web-based protocol for search queries. Results of such queries are returned in a specified XML format. The protocol allows for specific search by leveraging a flexible combination of search indexes and terms. Structured results allow for easy reuse of results from calling applications. Requests are to be specified in the Contextual Query Language (CQL) and placed within the query parameters of the URL. The SRU standard has been published and is maintained by the Library of Congress. The full specification of SRU is available at


The SRU interface provides access to the shared catalogue of the Austrian Library Network with over 14.5 million title records of more than 90 institutions. Bibliographic search targeted at individual users is available with the discovery system of the network. The following profiles are available:


Profile tailored for free and general use. It is limited to the most used bibliographic categories but provides access to all bibliographic records. This is recommended for applications like citation management.


Profile targeted at associate library networks and institutions. It provides full access to all bibliographic records of the Austrian Library Network. For access authentication is required. Please address inquiries to

Technical information

  • Protocol-versions: 1.2
  • Format indication: recordSchema=marcxml
  • Query syntax: CQL (e.g. query=<context prefix>.<index>=<term>)


catalog SRU request explanation
OBV-LIT Search with profile OBV-LIT in the combined index (i.e. "all_for_ui") for "wien"; a limit of 50 records is requested for the response.
OBV-PARTNER Search with profile OBV-PARTNER using the ISBN index (i.e. "isbn") for "9783110311464"; a limit of 50 records is requested for the response.

Available indexes are listed in the respective explain operation for the individual profiles: