The Austrian Library Network and Services Ltd

The Austrian Library Network and Service Ltd (OBVSG) is providing a broad variety of services and IT solutions for library and information management.

Our services

1. OBVSG is the service and operational management facility of the Austrian Library Network (OBV), a cataloguing and services consortium. This is the largest network of scientific and administrative libraries in Austria with 70 participants, representing more than 90 individual institutions - including the Austrian National Library, university libraries, the colleges of education, individual ministries, numerous technical colleges and other important collections (e.g. Austrian Academy of Sciences, AK Wien, MAK and the Sigmund Freud Foundation). Key tasks of OBVSG as the CONSORTIUM HEADQUARTERS are

  • Operational services of the consortium system
  • Provision of an integrated system for central cataloguing with data replication into local systems
  • Provision of a modern search and retrieval interface
  • Central maintenance of external data pools and authority files
  • interfaces for all German consortia and German National Library (DNB)
  • Data supply for ZDB
  • Data management: conversions, checks and corrections
  • Project management, e.g. software updates and migrations, new information services etc.
  • Systems librarian support for local systems
  • Provision of a consortium training system
  • National ISIL registration agency for assignment of globally distinct library codes
  • National URN registry for the assignment and resolution of Uniform Resource Names (URNs)
  • Operation of the consortium portal www.obvsg.at

According to the network’s member institutions and in collaboration with national and international boards, OBVSG is developing and realizing library standards like metadata formats, indexing rules and data exchange protocols. A growing complexity of the information landscape demands an increasing use of synergies and exchange of services on a supraregional level.


  • Maintenance of local library systems (currently about 40 institutions)
  • Maintenance of local search interfaces (currently about 50 institutions)
  • Operation of the Visual Library service platform (retro-digitization, publication server, etc.)
  • Operation of a digital long-term preservation system

3. Key aspects in the area of SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT and SYSTEMS INTEGRATION are

  • Implementation and integration of additional data pools and information systems
  • eDoc: enrichment of the consortium catalogue with electronic documents (abstracts, tables of contents, full texts)
  • Development of tools and interfaces for the library system like i.e. the Alma-SAP-interface for universities or the ebook service for delivery of ebook metadata to local library systems
  • EasyTool: special web interface for library management in small institutions
  • Development of export routines for current data delivery