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The Austrian Library Network (OBV) is the largest network of scientific and administrative libraries in Austria with about 90 participants, representing 70 individual institutions - including the Austrian National Library, the university libraries and the colleges of education; individual ministries, numerous technical colleges and other important collections (e.g. Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austrian Parliamentary Library, AK Wien, MAK and the Sigmund Freud Foundation). All participants share the same online cataloguing network. Journal and book holdings of 310 more institutions are held available, coming from an older central catalogue.


The Austrian Library Network started online operation in 1988. At the beginning of 1999, the new Integrated Library System Aleph 500 was established on a nation wide basis. With this system - and later with Alephino (for smaller libraries) - all online catalogues of single library institutions were freely available on the World Wide Web; so was the Austrian Central Catalogue (ACC), which has been maintained by OBVSG as the network's headquarter. Since April 2010 (at first in a preliminary version, since March 2011 in a final version) the new search engine of the Austrian Library Network was launched. Meanwhile it has succeeded the central catalog's Aleph web OPAC as a more powerful discovery interface. At first, the catalogue mainly covered publications starting with publication year 1980. Most consortium members have been and still are adding older references by editing single titles or organising retro cataloguing projects. Additionally the catalogue is providing links to full texts of electronic media and electronic documents like abstracts or tables of contents.

Key data

The Austrian Central Catalogue includes 13.5 million titles with 25.7 million copies and 0.7 million journals (status: April 2019).

It is accessible on the internet at