Neue Version Sharetab-Client

We have made some changes in program components of our Tabellen Browser/sharetab and now a new version of client package is available. The new version fixed some bugs, allows us better see operational parameters of daily runs, especially a better registration of cases when run overlays of client and server may happen. Through the new version we want also to avoid situations (currently it is the case) when some institutions using the older (buggy) version of program. Now it is even more important than before to have correct Aleph parameters information from local systems because this data is also actively used by the central Aleph and Primo systems. The new program package is placed at
Access to the package is password protected and we will send the password to you in a separate e-mail as it is described below. We would like to ask responsible persons at the institution to send us e-mail requesting the password and we will send it to you. We want also to use this chance to update our records about contact persons at institutions, therefore please organize this e-mail as follows. As subject use the following string Subject:  “institution sharetab new client”     e.g. “UBI sharetab new client” In the body text please list us your names as following:     Sysadmin: Martin Muster, e-mail, tel.     Systembibliotheka /in:  Maria  Muster, e-mail, tel.  and add any other text of course as you may wish On receipt of the password you just need to replace you existing client (Perl program only and not shell scripts!) with the new version. It is to note that it may be useful to make a backup copy of the old programs (especially if your local SW changes were done, we may discuss it then separately). Please send your reply to the following two recipients: and who coordinate this sharetab update.
Thank you for co-operation
Best regards Victor Babitchev / Gerald Schreiber